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Getting the address or contact of businesses or companies can be hard thus directories were a brilliant idea and still are. Particularly in instances when you are travelling to new places or even in your usual localities Yellow Pages are an essential tool. Yellow pages are the word used for a telephone directory that gives information on different businesses and companies. Organization of the directory is by category as opposed to the usual popular alphabetical manner. Yellow Pages as a name came up when a printer that was being used to print a telephone directory ran out of white paper, and it was decided that yellow paper should be used in 1883 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Reuben H. Donnelley was the first creator of official yellow pages in 1886. It featured business names and contact numbers arranged according to the type of products or service provided. A few years later, the first yellow pages with coupons were made. Yellow pages became official because black in on yellow paper was seen as better than on white paper.

Currently, there are many Yellow Pages publishers with some directories differing from others. Some Yellow Pages provide information on businesses in alphabetical order under subheadings for similar types of businesses. Such directories focus on a particular geographical area. They also show backlinks. Long ago directories were published by phone companies but nowadays there are independent publishers. Other yellow pages are printed based on a particular demographic for instance Christian yellow pages. Apart from giving information, yellow pages are also used as advertising material. Publishers sell advertising space to businesses which vary in a range where they pay before printing is done. Directories are published on a yearly basis and distributed freely to businesses and residents in a particular area. Yellow pages are sometimes archived to be used as tools in historical research among others.

In the current technology age, yellow pages can be found online. Online directories are much convenient in comparison to the heavy physical yellow pages. Online yellow pages contain the same information as the physical one but with an efficient search function where you input a business and you are given information. Internet yellow pages also offer advertising to businesses. Internet yellow pages have been established in such a way that results on restaurants, cafes or shopping centers just to mention a few are given based on the local area rather than national or regional levels.

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